As a first product, we have created a healthy tea blend we call:

Focusana Health Tea

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According to scientific studies, our blend contains the highest index of Anti-Angiogenic properties found so far in tea.

Anti: Against
Angiogenesis: Formation of
new blood vessels

That means that our tea blend contains substances, which may inhibit the formation of new blood vessels. This is important because the only cells in in an adult body which need new blood vessels for growth are cancer cells *.
As you can see in the diagram below, the Focusana Health Tea contains a considerably higher index of Anti-Angiogenic properties than found in green tea.

While enjoying a cup of Focusana Health Tea, you not only ingest known antioxidants, but also the superbly important substances that may inhibit Angiogenesis. Therefore, the Focusana Health Tea is light, wholesome, and delicious.

In order to benefit from the full spectrum of the health supporting substances within the Focusana Health Tea, make sure the water measures 70 degrees Celsius. Also, the same portion of Focusana Health Tea should be poured two to three times within three hours.

Treat yourself and enjoy several cups of Focusana Health Tea every day!

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